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    Acupuncture massage points method will help to autumn dryness

    2011/10/19 9:48:33

    Autumn dryness, many people suffered from dry mouth, dry throat, dry nose, dry skin, constipation and other symptoms get angry. Lit, in addition to taking to the gunpowder, the often angry people can learn at home acupuncture, massage the way to "fire."

    If the symptoms get angry less, the simplest way is to buy skin needle, the needle is often used in Ojo (in the post-median line, the seventh cervical spinous process, depression), Qu Chi (elbow at right angles to the horizontal elbow pattern and the lateral end of the midpoint of the humeral epicondyle), gu (at the back of the tiger"s mouth, in the first and second metacarpal metacarpal depression), Qu Ze (in the elbow stripes, when the biceps tendon ulnar edge), etc. Tapping points, points appear until pale color, a goal can play better effect.

    In the use of diet, Traditional Chinese Medicinal go in the fire at the same time, massage can treat a variety of points lit symptoms. If the throat dry, you can always massage thenar points (after the first metacarpophalangeal joint depression, about the midpoint of the first metacarpal radial side when, at the occasion of Chibai meat), small business point (thumb inside, nail corner at a point outside ), spring clean hole (the body"s neck, the current median line, above the Adam"s apple, the upper edge of hyoid depression); If the stool is dry, you can always massage Tianshu Point (next to the open umbilicus in 2 inch). If the heat suits fear the wind, you can press the foreign customs points (2-inch stripes on the back of the wrist, between the radius and ulna, Yang and Zhou Jian connection pool), throttle points (2nd and 3rd thoracic vertebrae adjacent to open between 1.5 inch).

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